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Johnson Brothers Friendly Village 28-piece Dinnerware Set

Johnson brothers is a family-owned and operated business that provides quality products and friendly service. Our 28-piece set is the perfect way to celebrate our family's love of cooking and provide everyone in our village with a delicious, everyone can enjoy, day-of meal.

28 Piece Dinnerware Set

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Best Johnson Brothers Friendly Village 28-piece Dinnerware Set

This set contains 28 dinnerware items, including 6 serving dishes, 8 mexican-style bowls, 12 dishcloths, and 16 napkins. The set is perfect for any home meal planning needs. the johnson brothers' friendly village 28-piece set is a great way to enjoy a dinner with friends. This set includes 28 dinnerware items, perfect for any form of dining. From the standard-sized plates to the delicious meal plans, this set offers a lot to choose from. this 28-piece set is perfect for your next dinner party! The set includes a chair, table, service dish, and more, so you can create a perfect dinner party just with these pieces. The johnson brothers have created a warm and inviting village, so you'll want to come back often for more meals and drinks. johnson brothers is an american homely kitchen company that delivers world-class food. This set of 28- piece dinnerware set is no exception- it is sure to make your kitchen look much more cheerful. Made of 304ss clean and bluish-green metal, this set is sure to give your home a fresh look. With at least 24-piece set and 18-piece set, this is a set that will.